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TV Rating: G
20 episodes x 30 minutes
32 repeat broadcasts
Age group: 13-16
Barter Split : 3.5/3.5
Closed Captioned


Real Life 101 Closed-Captioning Compliance Letter (.pdf) 

Real Life 101 FCC Compliance Letter (.pdf)


Have you ever wondered what you might want to do for the rest of your life? Well, Real Life 101, which is aimed at teens and young adults, introduces you to real people doing real jobs. From doctors, lawyers, and veterinarians to career counselors, drug counselors, Lipizzaner stallion trainers, and special effects directors, we cover them all. Join our energetic hosts Jillian, Shawn, and Gracey for a weekly half-hour of fun and entertainment. Rated High for Educational Content by the Annenberg Policy Center.



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REAL LIFE 101 Awards

TELLY AWARDS – REAL LIFE 101 won a 2008 Bronze Telly Award in the categories of “childrens” and “educational”. 2008 iParenting Award    

REAL LIFE 101 Broadcast Schedule

2019-2020 Broadcast Schedule (.pdf)  Revised 10.3.2019 2018-2019 Broadcast Schedule (.pdf)   

REAL LIFE 101 Educator Letters

Below are letters from educators supporting the educational and informational value of this series. Educator Letter #1 Educator Letter #2

REAL LIFE 101 Episode Synopsis

2018-2019 Episode Synopsis (.pdf)     2019-2020 Episode Synopsis (.pdf) New 8.13.2019    


FCC COMPLIANCE LETTER (.pdf) CALM ACT CERTIFICATION (.pdf)   BELOW IS USEFUL INFORMATION FOR COMPLETING THE CHILDREN’S TELEVISION PROGRAMMING REPORT FORM 398  “REAL LIFE 101”  FCC E/I Core Programming Target Age Group: 13 – 16 year olds Describe the educational and informational objective of the program and how it meets the definition of Core Programming: …

REAL LIFE 101 Media

Jillian     Shawn   Alecsa  Helena

REAL LIFE 101 Satellite Info

In addition to the regular delivery you receive via ER Pathfire’s distribution platform – ER now offers an option for retrieving syndicated programing. All shows distributed over the Extreme Reach Pathfire satellite service can also be accessed from the Extreme Reach cloud platform.  Just log in to Extreme Reach ( and select the “Syndication” tab. All of …

REAL LIFE 101 Viewer Comments

To Joe and everyone at Real Life 101 . . . . . I saw your program 3 weeks ago and I so wanted to ask you for assistance. I am 29 years of age, a mother of two children working full time. I’ve been trying to find a way to start school again but …