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To Joe and everyone at Real Life 101 . . . . .
I saw your program 3 weeks ago and I so wanted to ask you for assistance. I am 29 years of age, a mother of two children working full time. I’ve been trying to find a way to start school again but money and time is short.
Do you have suggestions you would care to share with me to help me qualify for a career in broadcasting or accounting? All of you who host Real Life are a spark of hope to so many. I hope you know that. I wish I had a program like yours to look at during my school years. (NV Sparks, Nevada)

I just want to say how much I enjoy your show on Saturday mornings. It is refreshing to watch a show about real life for a change. (Paul Phillips)

I like your show. I watched it yesterday morning. It showed a lot about what I am thinking about for a career. (Tim Crowe)

I enjoyed the show today about a worm farm. My daughter is 16 and doing a science project on composing and worms. Would it be possible to get the e-mail address for the gentleman that had the worms?(Karen Niese)

I am a teacher in the public school system and teach 10th – 12th graders. Our school is a vocational school. I was watching your show today. How can I get a copy of the episode on cosmetology. It would be a great show for our prospective 8th and 9th graders. (Jean Magargal)

I am an elementary school counselor and was very impressed by your show that I saw on TV this morning. I work in a very low income area of our city and am teaching children to be motivated to work towards a career. Is there any way that I can purchase some of your shows to present to these children? Your production is excellent. (Randy Horn, Wichita, KS)

My name is Dr. Rogers and I am a Veterinarian. Since I saw your story on Physicians, Dermatologists and doctors, I wondered if you might like to introduce your fans to Veterinary Medicine. (Ernest Rogers DV M, Ph D)

My name is Amber Jones and when I get older I want to be a fashion designer. Is there any way that you can give me advice to help me follow my career? (Amber Jones)

I don’t know if you can help me. I saw a program several weeks ago about how to become an animal teacher/technician. I have a daughter who is excellent with all types of animals. Since we home school, I would appreciate any information on this subject. (CLT)

Hey, your show is very good. I saw your show a couple of months ago and thought, Hey, that guy’s hair looks a lot like mine”. I’ve been watching ever since. The show really teaches me a lot about the opportunities for young people. I find it very interesting learning about all of the different careers featured on your program. (DJ)

My name is Rachelle and I’m 13 years old. I wonder if you have a show where you interview a pediatrician. I really want a career in the medical field, because my uncle is an anesthesiologist. I wonder if my grade average of straight As is good enough, or does it have to be straight A+. (Rachelle)

I watched your show for the first time today and think it’s great. It’s a great opportunity for kids and adults. Well, I just wanted to let you know how great your show is. Keep up the good work. (Javi)

I saw your show this week and am very impressed. I am a 62 year old woman that just moved to Eugene, Oregon. I have worked for 8 years as a mortgage loan processor. I was laid off due to the increase in mortgage rates. I am going to try something new. I plan to attend the accelerated course at Northwest School of Phlebotomy. What information can you give me on this field? Are there scholarships available? (Mona Stapenhorst, Eugene, OR)

I am a construction superintendent who hires employees. Most people think construction is a no brainer type work. I require a high school diploma for my applicants at a minimum. They must be knowledgeable in math; read above Dick and Jane; dress appropriately; and have good social skills. If students in high school are considering a career in the trade industry, please instill them to pay attention in school. (Stu Mullins, Petaluma, CA)

Loved you episode on the cooking school. Is there any way to get a recipe for that rice dish you made? I would love to try it at home. (Dave)

My son was watching your show today and I happened to glance at him when the man you had who creates and operates puppets was on. Where can I find information on a career like this? (Nicole Kinyon)

Could you provide me with information about the man on your show who was a “personal development coach”? I work in a life skills classroom at our local middle school. (Theresa Morak)


I just watched your show, and just wanted to give you guys kudos.  I am a 46 year old Retired Army guy.  I was an Army recruiter for 3 years, and understand the challenges a young person faces with choosing a career.  I found your show to be very informative, and very well put together.  Not only are you asking the right questions during your interviews, but the show is thoughtfully edited too, as to cutting through the nonsense.
Keep up the good work, and thank you for taking an interest to help better our young men, and women, and their futures.

I watch Real Life101 everyday Saturday and it gives me real useful infortmation I can use cause I’m junior going to be a senior next year in high school and I’m starting to look into college and a career I would enjoy.